A Day of Women's Wisdom

A one day workshop with Anne Hassett and Bindi Gauntlett

  • Date:      Sun 15th September 2019
  • Time:      10:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Venue:   Weston Hub
                     Penn Hill Road,

                     BA1 4EH
  • Price:     £57 per person (£30 refund if cancelled at least 7 days in advance)
  • Lunch:   Bring your own food, drinks are provided.

If you are feeling that your Mind and Body and Spirit are struggling to move in the same direction, then this gentle yet powerful workshop could be just what you need right now. Bring together your Mind, Body and Spirit to confidently become a healthier, less stressed and more positive you.


Anne Hassett and Bindi Gauntlett bring you the tools that will help you to understand why you react the way that you do and how you can respond differently if you choose to.


Bindi uses in8 cards* to show how everything we do in life is in order to meet our human needs and how when we are able to use our own internal guidance system we can truly thrive. This understanding helps our self confidence, our relationships and our communities.


Anne will introduce you to Quantum ReCoding, a 21st century healing technique that can revolutionise your life by updating negative outdated codes of behaviour with positive, appropriate alternatives.

Quantum Re-Coding miraculously unites heart and mind to achieve a superconscious brain state resulting in positive and lasting change - instantly.


Anne and Bindi offer you the opportunity of a lighthearted day of reflection and discovery, the day will be a rich sharing between like-minded people and you will leave with new insights, resources and inspiration.


* in8 cards - follow this link

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